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Step through the pages of Shah's Resorts and immerse yourself in a lifestyle that has grace and beauty. Shah's Resorts comprise of Shah's Village in Petaling Jaya, near the capital of Kuala Lumpur and Shah's Beach Resort in Malacca.

The hotels are owned and named after the Family of Dato' H.M. Shah.The hotels are of unique charm and character, providing excellent accommodation for holiday makers discovering Malaysia, cultural tourists and business travelers.

Small, efficient, traditional yet elegant, the hotels offer high quality environment which is reflected in the luxuriant gardens with fully grown palm trees that surround the swimming pools.

The homely ambiance is generated by physical surroundings, such as its interiors, which lovingly display family antiques and crafts, and attitudes and service standards, which are constantly nurtured.

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Kuih cincin merupakan kuih tradisonal masyarakat melayu Brunei di Sabah. Kuih Cincin diperbuat daripada gula, gula nipah atau gula apong, tepung beras, minyak masak, air dan gula melaka.